Sunday, 21 May 2017

InStyle Women of Style Awards 2017

DRESS: Rachel Gilbert  |  EARRINGS: Matthew Ely  |  RING: Matthew Ely  |  BRACELET: Matthew Ely

This week I attended the 9th annual InStyle Women of Style Awards, a wonderful event celebrating the achievements of some truly incredible women. I have somehow attended all 9 awards ceremonies, and it just gets better every year! To learn more about the Awards and the amazing women involved, click HERE.

April xx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Sunday, 9 April 2017


HAT: Brixton via Glue Store  |  TOP: Talulah  |  JEANS: Cheap Monday via Glue Store  |  BOOTS: Boohoo

I don't wear hats too often because it always feels like, "HEY EVERYONE, LOOK AT ME WEARING THIS HAT!" Plus I'm perpetually worried about it blowing away, or that I'll have to take it off for a meeting and be stuck showing off some Grade A hat hair. But on the days that I can get past the anxiety, I really love the way a hat can top off a look and pull the entire thing together. Like in this case, when I instantly felt like the Man In Black from Westworld. And there ain't nothing wrong with that.

April xx

Monday, 13 March 2017

Beauty And The Beast Premiere

DRESS: Sass & Bide  |  SHOES: Mimco  |  EARRINGS: Mimco (similar HERE and HERE)

I was BEYOND excited for the premiere of Beauty and the Beast, given that the original is my favourite Disney film. It was therefore always going to be difficult for the new version to live up to my impossibly high expectations. While I did love the film, there were certain things that bugged me. For example, Gaston's iconic chair was nowhere to be seen! Disney is well aware of the chair's importance (here is a photo of me delightedly sitting upon it at Walt Disney World in Florida), so I'm not sure why it was omitted, but every director has their vision. I of course still highly recommend seeing Beauty and the Beast, and am excitedly awaiting the swathe of live action Disney movies in pre-production, now that it's become clear that the whole "dark and gritty" angle wasn't really what audiences wanted in a beloved fairtytale film. Bring on the aesthetically-pleasing romantic fantasies ft. pretty dresses, stat!

April xx