Sunday, 23 November 2014

Marky Knows Best

Dress: Free People  |  Bangles: Lisa Black Jewellery  |  Earrings: Lisa Black Jewellery  |  Sunglasses: Chanel

My girlfriend Emma just launched a super awesome new blog, which is obviously cause for a garden party-type celebration! We got our mormon vibes on in white dresses, learned how to make pretty cocktails and finished the night off with donut burgers (is it crazy that it was the second time I've consumed one of these diabetes-inducing treats? Probably, considering I was nearly sick after the first.)
Peep more photos HERE and Emma's hot new blog HERE.

April xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Jumpsuit: Ruby Sees All  |  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  |  Bangles: Lisa Black Jewellery

On Friday night, I headed out in my fly jumpsuit and sassy cornrows for the premiere of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Once again, the film adaptation lived up to and possibly even exceeded my expectations as a lover of the books and I cannot wait to see the final installment brought to life. But I will have to wait. An entire year, in fact. Ugh.

April xx

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Chester Cheetah

Top: EQUIPMENT  |  Shorts: EQUIPMENT  | Shoes: Free People  |  Handbag: Chanel  |  Cuff: Herm├Ęs  |  Rings: Etsy  |  On fingers: Face of Australia 'Cool Cotton'  |  On toes: Face of Australia 'Boys 'N' Berries'

For a Sunday afternoon catch-up with pals, I went with the closest thing to pyjamas - a matching silk top and shorts in delicious cheetah print. Hey, it WAS a Sunday after all.

April xx

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Top: The Original Breton Shirt Company  |  Trousers: Missoni  |  Bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Sneakers: Commes des Garcons PLAY X Converse  |  Sunglasses: Gucci  |  Bracelet: Eddie Borgo  |  Palm cuff: Petite Grand  |  On fingers: Face of Australia 'Boys 'N' Berries' and 'Platinum' matte top coat

This trans-seasonal weather has been so upsy-downsy (totally a term, just go with it) of late and as such, it is taking me even longer than usual to dress myself. "It's warm right now, but should I wear pants?" I ask myself, "or shorts and a long-sleeve top, as the weather looks like it might turn?" I continue. "But it might rain, and I don't want wet legs... So I'll wear my leather jogging pants and take a jacket just in case. But... none of my jackets work with my leather jogging pants...?" And on it goes. In conclusion, after spending nine weeks wearing almost nothing but dancewear, I no longer remember how to dress myself.

April xx

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Wang ten

Crop top, tank and trousers: Alexander Wang X H&M  |  Shoes: Izoa  |  Bangle and midi ring: Vera Xane

Last week, the long-awaited Alexander Wang X H&M collection launched in Australia to little fanfare. LOL JK, there were dance fighters and popcorn machines! It was awesome.

April xx

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Wheel deal

Ready for lift-off with my hot date, Amanda!

Rugged up in my blankey!

Top: Ginger & Smart  |  Skirt: Ginger & Smart  |  Shoes: Christian Louboutin  |  Handbag: Chanel  |  Rings: Etsy, Vera Xane and custom-made

I love musicals and am an enormous fan of The Wizard of Oz (I even own a pair of limited edition ruby slippers), but for one reason or another, have never seen a production of Wicked. The show has recently opened in Sydney and to celebrate, 24 guests (myself included) were given tickets to see the show and invited to enjoy a private performance by a Wicked cast member, followed by a three-course dinner in our very own carriage on the ferris wheel at Luna Park! I brought my gorgeous GF Amanda (check out her rad new swimwear label, Ivory Daze!) and we had a gay old time soaking in dat view, which we are oft rather guilty of taking for granted. 

April xx